Freedom Design Key Characteristics

  • Advanced Semi-Planning Steel Monohull
    • Heritage: design based on a proven, scalable hull form and sized between two in-service forms – the Destriero and Jupiter class ferry
    • Benefits: Performs consistently well in shallow and deep water; survivable steel hull and aluminum super structure
    • Scale-able: Flexible platform with 40 percent reconfigurable space for mission versatility
  • More Automation; Reduced Manning
  • COMBATSS-21 / Self-Defense Systems
  • Shallow draft means greater port accessibility and close-to-shore capabilities
  • Greater than 40 kts Sprint Speed with More than 1,000 nm Range
  • Supports Manned and Unmanned Flight Operations
  • Optimized Waterline Launch & Recovery for Safe, Rapid Small Boat Operations
  • Flexibility and Reconfigurability

LCS Ship Design Specification

  • Length Overall: 118.6 meters/ 389 feet
  • Beam Overall: 17.5 meters / 57 feet
  • Draft: 4.13 meters / 13.5 feet
  • Full Load Displacement: Approximately 3,200 metric tons

Other Variants

Proven foundational design means lower cost and risk. The U.S. Navy’s proven LCS Freedom-variant design serves as the baseline to which modifications to hull size, zone placement, weapons systems and other characteristics can be made, depending on needs. LCS variant keys to lower cost includes:

  • Producible design
  • Affordable to build and maintain
  • Open architecture combat system
  • Automation
  • Reduced manning requirements